10 years of Hetairoi: Time for a symposium

During our annual event at the Heuneburg (more about this here), we had a special celebration: the 10th anniversary of our re-enactment group.

We took this opportunity and celebrated our jubilee with a symposium, inviting all participating re-enactment groups of the event. On this evening we reflected on the past ten years and the development of our group, and with a rich buffet and cold drinks celebrated in anticipation of the next decade of Hetairoi.

We have been especially honoured with the presence of Mrs. Sabine Hagmann, one of our most important early supporters, who played a crucial role in the establishment of our group.

In addition, we had the great pleasure to celebrate the wedding of two of our members, whom we would like to congratulate again with this posting.

All in all this evening will be most memorable for all of us and we are looking forward to the journey ahead.

Pictures of our celebration can be found in our gallery:

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