3D-Reconstruction of the Heuneburg

Through fellow blogger Hiltibold I stumbled upon an interesting link today. A complete 3D-reconstruction of the ancient Celtic settlement Heuneburg has been created for an exhibition. It can be seen in a short video online. Located near the source of the Danube River, the Heuneburg matches the description of the city Pyrene by the Greek historian Herodot. Also its impressive size, as can be seen in the reconstruction, would make it noteworthy for an acnient historian. However, it isn't the only candidate for Pyrene, so the true identity of the city mentioned by Herodot cannot be clearly established today.

The Hetairoi were involved in multiple events by the Freilichtmuseums Heuneburg over the last years, therefore it is very interesting to see the full dimensions of this settlement besides the already impressive real reconstructions there.

For comparison, take a look at some pictures of the Heuneburg from our gallery: