Dismantling an Aspis - Part 2

A while ago, Athineos started to completely remodel his Apsis. I had written about it in this blog at the time. Today he has gotten far enough to write down some more information. Athineos completely removed all linen covers and metal fittings from the wooden core. Out of interest we weighted all components separately, with a surprising result.


The 14.2kg original weight were distributed as follows:

  • Front Linen / Paint 0,8 Kilo
  • Brass Rim 2,2 Kilo
  • Inside Linen / Paint 0,9 Kilo
  • Porpax / Fittings 1,0 kilo
  • Nails / Rope 0,4 kilo
  • Grinded materials ca. 1kilo
  • Brass Scorpion 0,7 Kilo

That leaves 7.2 kg for the wooden core, which is far less than we expected. The decorations accounted for almost half of the total weight.

Metal parts

Additionally, Athineos discovered that the rings the shield is composed of consist of separate parts and are not whole. Judging from the method of construction, a historical Aspis would probably weigh less than the one constructed from rings.