In our blog we publish short articles related to internet finds, news from the group, and projects our members are currently working on.

Hellenistic Fashion-Week

Submitted by Perdikkas on 26/05/2014, on 11:54 am

Our men used the long winter break to get a hold of a few new pieces of garment. We don't want to keep them from you.

Dress of a Hellenistic Soldier

Since I grow more and more interested in the late hellenistic era, I used one of the wall-paintings in Agios Athanasios as reference for a new set of clothes. A few great depictions of Macedonian soldiers survived the ages in these tombs. I have selected the following painting for my reconstruction:

Tanagra Petasos

Submitted by Perdikkas on 22/05/2014, on 5:15 pm

This post was written by Agnes from the Wienische Hantwërcliute 1350

On the Tanagra Figurines, you can identify a special type of headdress for Macedonian women at the beginning of the Hellenism. All three of the following ladies are wearing a pointy hat above the Himation used to cover the hair. I recently attempted to reconstruct this hat.

Spring Camp in Schwarzenacker

Submitted by Perdikkas on 20/05/2014, on 10:44 am

Last weekend we held our annual spring campt at the Römermuseum Schwarzenacker, near Homburg in the German Saarland. After 2013 we were allowed to use the great setting of the museum for the second time for our private camp.

During the camp, we showed off our new equipment, discussed ancient history, and experimented with a lot of stuff.

Over the coming weeks, we will present our gained experiences here in our blog. the articles will deal with clothing, ancient cooking, and of course our Macedonian Phalanx experiment. You can see a small selection of pictures in our gallery.


Submitted by Perdikkas on 14/05/2014, on 9:21 am

This post was written by Agnes from Wienische Hantwërcliute 1350. I did the best to translate it myself, but since it uses a lot of technical terms specific to textile, I may have gotten something wrong. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

This year I wanted to come closer to the look of a Macedonian woman, which is why I did a few new projects for my impression. The hairband I used to wear is very much out of style in the 4th century BC. On paintings from this time you rather see a cloth or sack covering the whole of a woman's hair.

Experience Reports

Submitted by Perdikkas on 07/03/2014, on 10:21 pm

After a long absence, I finally got myself to do some work on our website again. Over the winter break we decided to share more of the experiences we gained through the various experiements we conduct since we started this hobby. For that purpose, we created a new category on the website. For the first step, Kallimachos has summed up pur experiences with the reconstruction of the Macedonian Sarissa in a new article.

The article already hints at our newest group effort. After seven years of only having two Sarissophoroi, we finally convinced the other members to make reconstuctions of their own, so we can try them out in a larger formation. We hope we can share the first experiences after our spring camp in early May.