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3D-Reconstruction of the Heuneburg

Submitted by Perdikkas on 15/10/2012, on 11:29 am

Through fellow blogger Hiltibold I stumbled upon an interesting link today. A complete 3D-reconstruction of the ancient Celtic settlement Heuneburg has been created for an exhibition. It can be seen in a short video online. Located near the source of the Danube River, the Heuneburg matches the description of the city Pyrene by the Greek historian Herodot. Also its impressive size, as can be seen in the reconstruction, would make it noteworthy for an acnient historian.

Kostenlose Vorlesung der Yale University

Submitted by Perdikkas on 14/10/2012, on 8:00 am

Reenactors like us are oftentimes actually amateurs in their respective fields of knowledge. This means the majority of us hasn't gone through an academic study in history or a comparable field. Instead, we acquired the knowledge about our impressions ourselves. To create an accurate view of a historical period, many sources have to be researched with great effort. An university course, however, has the advantage that one can learn from the knowledge of a seasoned professor and thus already start with a good view of the period and  a knowledge where to focus further research. This makes the courses of the famous Yale University a blessing for aspiring reenactors.