Late Hellenistic Officer

3rd century BC

This impression of a high-ranking Hellenistic officer in the 3rd century BC is based on the frescoes in the tomb of Lyson & Kallikles in Lefkadia, Macedonia.

He is wearing a wool Chiton, which is decorated with  a purple and a blue stripe, as well as Iphicratean boots. The helmet of Attic type is painted in bright colours and decorated with three horse-tails. The so-called tube-and-yoke armour is made of dyed leather, which is reinforced with metal plates and scales on the torso.

The warrior is armed with a 2.5m lance, the Dory, and a short sword, the Xiphos. He's carrying a shield much like the classical Aspis. The shield pattern is also taken directly from the tomb frescoes.