In our blog we publish short articles related to internet finds, news from the group, and projects our members are currently working on.

Lessons in Ancient Greek

Submitted by Perdikkas on 11/10/2012, on 8:00 am

The identity of a culture is oftentimes reflected in the respective language. This makes learning a language integral for understanding the culture. Additionally, learning the language enables you to read the original sources and to create your own interpretation of them independent from the influences of original translators.

When your field of study is an ancient culture, you most certainly will have the problem that the ancient language isn't consistent with its modern equivalent or isn't even spoken any more at all. This makes learning, apart from an university course, so much more difficult, but luckily there are persons sharing their knowledge with others.

Two new Articles

Submitted by Perdikkas on 09/10/2012, on 11:43 am

We recently added two articles written by guest-authors to our website. The first article describes the experiences of Stefanos Skarmintzos during a beginner's training with the Macedonian Sarissa. The training took place during our camp in Gabreta in 2009 and was originally published in English in his own Blog.

Dismantling an Aspis - Part 1

Submitted by Perdikkas on 04/10/2012, on 10:28 am

One of the most common questions we hear on our events is "What are your shields made of?" Most visitors are satisfied with the answer "They're made of wood", but some are more interested and also want to know how they are made. Thanks to Athineos, we now have the opportunity to take a good look at the internal structure and composition of one of our Aspides.

Slow and steady wins the race

Submitted by Perdikkas on 02/10/2012, on 1:31 pm

After many months of struggling with different authorities, numerable revisions and signatures, we finally made it: the interest group Hetairoi has become the registered society Hetairoi e.V.

Over the last few years we have always been pondering the possibility to create an official society. However, the legal ramifications of such an undertaking always discouraged us from going through with it. The decision to found a society now was mainly based on legal concerns. Many museums have told us that they need an official legal entity as a contract partner for an event, whereas an interest group can only make contracts with each individual member. The same goes for insurance companies. The last point would be the website, which was operated by me as an individual up until now.