This is a list of our planned events. If you plan to visit us on one of the events, please tell us beforehand, so we can make time for you.

Events that are accessible for visitors without invitation are marked with the word public. Past events are listed on a separate page.

Night of the Museums at the Landesmuseum Hannover (public)
8/6 from 6:00 pm
We will be at the Landesmuseum Hannover for their exhibition "Gründer Roms: etruskische Schätze aus der Villa Giulia"

Camp at the Martberg
6/7 to 7/7/2024
Camp at the Martberg. There is no official programme.

Keltenfest at the Heuneburg 2024 (public)
Appearance at the Keltenfest of the Freilichtmuseum Heuneburg.