Past Events

This is a short overview of the events we attended as a group. Internal events without access for visitors are not listed.

Taggerhof - Multiperiod

We took part in a multi-period reenactment on the Taggerhof near Graz.

Zeitreise auf der Heuneburg

Multiperiod-Event in the Freilichtmuseum Heuneburg.

Stahl auf der Heide, Munster

Multi-period-event in the Panzermuseum Munster, embedded in the event Stahl auf der Heide.

Stoneage to 15th Century

From June 3rd to June 5th 2017 the Hetairoi attended a multiperiod event on the Taggerhof near Graz, Austria. We demonstrated a selection of reconstructed equipment from ancient Greece ranging from the 5th to the 3rd century BCE.

Cultural Diversity - a special View of Antiquity

Since our first event was very successful, we, Hetairoi e.V., are pleased to announce that the second event “Cultural diversity – a special view of the Antique“ took place from 13 - 14 May 2017 in the open-air museum Schwarzenacker again. Like before "exotic" representations from Neolithic to Late Antiquity were welcome and present.

History Days in the Museum of Military History Vienna

In cooperation with the Austrian Reenactment Society, the Hetairoi explained the Classical Greek and the Macedonian Phalanx within a demonstration about the evolution of European military history.

Forum Kalkriese - Trade and Seafaring in Antiquity

On October 2nd and 3rd, the Varusschlacht Museum Kalkriese held the event “Forum Kalkriese” with the theme “Trade and Seafaring in Antiquity”. The Hetairoi demonstrated Hellenistic equipment.

Keltisch-Griechisches Sommerfest

On August 6th/7th the Hetairoi demonstrated Greek equipment from the 5th century to the 2nd century BC on the Freilichtmuseum Heuneburg, as well as a Greek military camp forge.

Cultural diversity – a special view of Antiquity

Living History is now a commonly encountered element of learning history first hand. Every year, in Germany, a number of events in museums are taking place, using this element to introduce the visitors to a particular subject. In relation to antiquity here, larger events have been established to Roman antiquity.In addition to Roman times, there are a number of high quality performers and groups representing different people and epochs. “Exotic” representations enrich the Living History Hobby enormously, but they very rarely perform on such events. This state of affairs was a call for us, Hetairoi e.V., to bring to life a so-called exotic event, with impressions beginning with the Neolithic age and stretching to late antiquity. From May 21st to 22nd 2016 the first event of this kind took place in the open air museum Schwarzenacker.

Keltisch-Griechisches Sommerfest

On August 1st/2nd the Hetairoi demonstrated Greek equipment from the 6th century to the 2nd century BC on the Freilichtmuseum Heuneburg.

Römerfest Mayen

On the 18th and 19th of July 2015, our South Italian warriors took part in the Roman festival at the interactive museum Terra Vulcanica in Mayen, Germany. Under unsettled but warm weather conditions, the interested public was presented the panoplies and garments of the South Italian peoples of the 4th century B.C. with group presentations, fashion shows and direct dialogue with our members.


In July 2015 the Hetairoi were in the Châteu Châteaubriant to demonstrate Hellenistic equipment and weaponry.

Keltisch-Griechisches Sommerfest

On August 2nd/3rd the Hetairoi demonstrated Greek equipment from the 6th century to the 2nd century BC on the Freilichtmuseum Heuneburg.

Gods in Colour

On December the 8th the Hetairoi took part in the exhibition “Gods in Colour” in the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna/Austria.

Lange Nacht der Museen

On October 6th the Hetairoi were guests of the Gentes Danubii in the Museum of Military History at the Long Night of the Museums in Vienna, Austria.

LEA Mayen

On Sa, September 22nd and Su, September 23rd, the Hetairoi had the opportunity to take part in the opening of the “Lab for Experimental Archeology” in Mayen, Germany.

Lange Nacht der Museen

As in the year before, the Hetairoi were part of the “Long Night of the Museums” on Sat, Oct. 1st 2011 in the Ephesos-Museum in Vienna, Austria.

Open House at the Ephesos-Museum

In September 2011, the Hetairoi brought ancient Greek history to life for the visitors of the Ephesos-Museum in Vienna, Austria.