For Press and Media

The transfer of knowledge face to face with the visitor is not the only channel we can use. Members of the Hetairoi appear from time to time as guest authors in various history magazines. Some of these articles are then also published on our website. We are also able to support your Movie or TV production as consultants or as actors. If you are interested in a cooperation, please don't hesitate to contact us, so we can together develop a concept that is especially tailored to your requirements.

A list of our appearances in media and magazines, as well as press articles about us follows.

Newspaper Article about the Archäotechnica 2023

Newspaper article in the Märkische Allgemeinen Zeitung about our appearance at the event Archäotechnica 2023 at the Archäologischen Landesmuseum Brandenburg.


The Hetairoi provide pictures for an article by Stefanos Skarmintzos in the book ΕΛΛΗΝΟΡΩΜΑΪΚΟΙ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΙ (ISBN 6185018659).

Ancient Warfare X, Issue 1

Article "A new type of hoplite, for a new type of war - Fighting for Athens" for the magazine Ancient Warfare, volume X, Issue 1.

Regio TV Schwaben

TV Report in German about the “Keltisch- Griechische Sommerfest” on the Heuneburg.

Ancient Warrior Reenactment in the Context of Experimental Archaeology

Stefanos Skarmintzos uses the Hetairoi as an example for his talk at “THE 2ND STUDENTS’ CONFERENCE IN AEGEAN ARCHAEOLOGY: METHODS – RESEARCHES – PERSPECTIVES”.

Desperata Ferro #8

Article about the Macedonian Phalanx for the Spanish history magazine Desperata Ferro. This article was published in full on our website.


Short portrait in the Living-History magazine Afaktor.

To Epos ton Myrion
Militär & Geschichte #47
Schwäbische Zeitung

Article about the “Third Meeting of the ancient Greek World and its neighboring Peoples” on the Heuneburg.