For Museums and Schools

The Hetairoi are at your service for events in museums or educational institutions. We are open to discuss appearances on other occasions, such as trade fairs or other leisure events, as long as the transfer of knowledge is our focus.

Normally we will work together with you in advance to develop a programme tailored especially to the topic of your lesson or event. Usually we will be available to answer individual questions during the length of the event. Additionally we are able to delve deeper into individual topics through narrated presentations, and thus create a vivid image of the past for the audience. Depending on the conditions of the site, we are also able to deliver all-day displays of ancient craftsmanship, or military exercises and camp life, or daily life in reconstructed houses in museums. Please see our impressions page for a complete list of our historical impressions.

Here are some examples of activities we have presented on events in the past

  • Narrated presentation of military equipment and fashion
  • Narrated presentation of civil fashion
  • Demonstration of the classical Hoplite phalanx.
  • Demonstration of the various branches of arms in the army of Alexander the Great.
  • Demonstration of the ancient ball game Phaininda.
  • Scenic impression of a religious sacrifice.
  • Scenic impression of an ancient orgy (Symposion).
  • Scenic impression of a Greek tradesman visiting neighbouring cultures.
  • All-day presentation of a Greek mobile forge.
  • Preparation of Hellenistic food.

Although our weapons are not sharpened, they are still dangerous. Consequently we do not offer any displays of choreographed or improvised combat for security reasons. However, we are prepared to demonstrate the handling of the weapons and the ancient battle techniques in a secure context.

Among others, we have cooperated with the following museums and institutions.

You can view a complete list of our past appearances on our past events page.

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